Chemistry FTE Services | Full-Time Equivalent Program in Chemistry

Our highly experienced Chemistry FTE Services team has been trained in the world’s top academic research labs; many have PhD level degrees and extensive R&D experiences in the pharmaceutical industry. We are committed to deliver the highest quality and value to our clients measured by productivity, speed, problem solving and proactive communication.

Chemistry FTE research programs, benefit from the team’s experience and excellent problem-solving skills as well as state-of-the art, sophisticated instrumentation for synthesis, purification and analysis. Outsource your drug discovery chemistry to the most trusted contract research partner in the industry.

Advantage of GVK BIO’s Chemistry FTE

  1. Superior chemistry problem solving skills: Our talented pool of scientists help you in finding quicker solutions
  2. Timely Communication: Our FTEs are designed for strong flexibility and rapid, aggressive response times
  3. Wide Range of Services: GVK BIO offers solutions in Synthetic Chemistry, Specialty Chemistry, Library Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry.
  4. Project Management Capabilities: Project management is fully integrated ensuring maximum per FTE value
  5. Confidentiality: Our processes and IT systems are developed ensure security of client data

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Areas of Work:

Custom Synthesis

Our teams of synthetic chemists routinely synthesize reference compounds, intermediates, and product candidates from mg to kg scale for our clients. Our teams are skilled in both novel route design and route optimization. With outstanding skills in problem solving, our chemists demonstrated proven ability to provide high quality services in an industry leading success rate.

Specialty Chemistry

Fluorine Chemistry
  • Special equipments to handle F2, SF4, and HF
  • Design and Synthesis of
    • F-templates/scaffolds
    • Fluorinated reagents
  • New fluorination methodology
  • New fluorination reagents
Nucleoside & Nucleotide Synthesis
  • Sugar-modified, base-modified nucleosides
  • Mono-, di-, and triphosphate nucleosides
  • From mg to kg scale synthesis
  • HNMR, FNMR, PNMR, LCMS, HPLC to determine the purity of target molecules

Library Design and Synthesis

GVK BIO offers high-quality, cost-effective custom library synthesis services for both large diverse libraries and focused libraries. Our performance metrics, global capabilities and integration of technologies ensure the best value for building or adding to your compound collections. We conduct custom library synthesis at competitive costs and high productivity.

All library compounds are purified and characterised using mass-based auto purification systems. Compounds are registered using in-house proprietary software and compound registration data is shared with clients in various preferred formats (SD, CSV, etc.) along with synthesis protocol and analytical reports.

  • Solid and solution phase synthesis
  • Focused on large libraries
  • Cryogenic reactions
  • Proof of concept to production through validation process

The range of chemistry services include:

  • Suzuki coupling/Buchwald coupling reactions
  • Nucleophilic conversions & SNAr type reactions
  • Acid-amine coupling, esterification and hydrolysis
  • Acylation, alkylation, urea, carbamate
  • Pyrazole, pyridine, spiroisoxazole, oxadiazole
  • Reductive amination
  • Displacement reactions

Medicinal Chemistry

Our medicinal chemistry team is world-class, with many of our scientists bringing a wealth of experience from  pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. With the team’s expertise in  wide range of therapeutic areas and collaborative working styles, we are well equipped to drive your program forward.

With expertise in early target identification, hit-finding strategies, hit-to-lead, lead optimization, patent strategy, and preparation for IND filing, we work with you to understand your requirements and deliver development candidates that meet agreed target product profiles. As programs progress, we are able to call on additional in-house scientific disciplines including structural biology, in vitro biology, DMPK, in vivopharmacology, pharmaceutics/formulation, and safety assessment. Our highly experienced computational chemistry group is also on hand to deploy a full range of in silico tools to support the design process and assist in the continuous interpretation of in vitro and in vivo data.

Computational Chemistry

Computational approaches including virtual screening (VS), not only has economic advantages, but also a way to access millions of commercially available drug-like small molecules that are not in corporate compound inventories.

The identification of high quality lead compounds is the crucial first step in the small molecule drug discovery process. Leads can be identified through a variety of methods, including high throughput screening (HTS), Computational chemistry approaches including virtual screening (VS) and literature sources.

Analytical Chemistry

GVK BIO has cGMP & GLP compliant, state-of-the art analytical chemistry services laboratory, which is USFDA, EDQM, PMDA and KFDA approved. We offer support in structure elucidation and characterization of small molecules by spectroscopic techniques through fluorine and carbon NMR capability (using 1D, 2D NMR experiments and MS/MS experiments). We also offer cGMP compliant analytical chemistry services from pre-clinical to commercial phase III supplies in accordance with current regulatory requirements.

Working with GVK BIO Chemistry FTE

Our FTE chemistry services are tailored to each project to ensure that the objectives are met or exceeded.

Because of superior chemistry problem solving skills, our FTE teams of well-trained synthetic chemists work closely with our clients in a concerted effort towards the objectives of client-directed projects. In this typically full-time-equivalent (FTE) arrangement, the client sends us the target structures, and we perform the route design and deliver the molecules. Whether the compounds are designed for the discovery of a novel drug, or a crop protection product, or a performance chemical, a close interaction with timely communications between the clients and our teams is the key to ensure that the right molecules are synthesized and the irrelevant molecules are dropped. Our dedicated logistics and compound management teams ensure expedient delivery of the compounds to the right location and in the right format for evaluations. We work with our clients to streamline the workflow to maximize productivity and to shorten the design-synthesis-evaluation cycle time.

We collaborate with a wide range of organisations and offer multiple FTE models to virtual companies through to big pharma, including many of the worlds top companies, as well as academic research groups from across the globe.

All chemistry FTE projects are executed under confidentiality agreements, and processed under US standard protocols. Our documentation process, archiving is done using secured network with controlled access. Our Quality and Confidentiality Systems are integrated to ensure utmost protection through imposition of stringent documentation and protection practices with intimate involvement of Quality Assurance personnel. We continuously monitor Laboratory Note Books, review of research and analytical data, tracking of issued data / documents and archival of all the data, hence ensuring complete confidentiality in all our processes and transactions.

FTE Chemistry rates are competitive and outsourcing your drug discovery chemistry to GVK BIO will not only help you optimize research budgets but will help in enhancing the results. To get more information, a quote or to schedule a teleconference please contact us.

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