Drug Repurposing

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Repurposing Algorithms

GVK BIO has developed number of customized proprietary algorithms to mine the drug-target-disease associations. Each algorithm is specifically designed to address the different types of data and bring out the novel alternative indications or therapeutics candidate for drug and diseases, respectively.

Structural Similarity: Identifies structurally similar compounds with new indications

Literature Mining: Gives drug – disease –target associations from public literature

Adverse Events:Identifies drugs sharing similar adverse events

Interactome:Predicts chemical protein interaction network.

Pathways:Helps in identification of alternate targets and therapeutic indications for query drugs

Gene Expression:Establishes a three way connection between genes, diseases and drugs.

GWAS :Establishes the connection between phenotype and genotype.

Clinical Trials :Helps in screening the ongoing/completed/withdrawn clinical trials of the given drug and clinical trials involving the given drug’s original target.