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In-Silico based drug repurposing

GVKBIO offers unique solutions to rescue investments and create new assets thereby strengthening the drug development pipeline in line with clients business and commercial interests. The repurposing activity may be initiated using drug or target or disease.


Drug Centric Repurposing:

Drug centric Repurposing deals with identification of alternative indications for a given drug or compound present in different stages of drug development life cycle. This offering covers generic drug, marketed drug, innovative compound, failed compounds and possible novel combination treatment

Generic Drug: The main objective of generic drug repurposing is to create niche value by identifying new route of administration for novel/existing indication with the scope of generating new formulation based or therapeutic use IP.

Innovative compound/NCE:A list of potential alternative indications for innovative compound can be generated using GVKBIO’s repurposing platform and/or compound’s proprietary data from partner.

Marketed Drug:The proposed offering helps to extend the patent by identifying novel indications or novel route of administration. This repurposing strategy is beneficial in reaping the benefits from the current drugs in cost effective manner.

Shelved compounds:GVKBIO’s Repurposing Platform will identify the novel drug-target-disease relationships for the shelved compounds which are safe but not efficacious for the original indication. Evidence based hypothesis is generated to support the new indication to extract the extra value from existing assets.

Disease Centric Repurposing:

Disease centric services oriented towards identification of possible therapeutic molecules or candidates for selective diseases from the pool of known drugs/compounds. This approach specifically addresses the need to identify treatment options for chronic, rare and neglected diseases which lack safe and effective treatment options for disease stabilization.

Target Centric Repurposing:

Target centric repurposing service identify the possible new indications for the drugs or compounds which acts through a particular target. The proposed new indications are target specific and may be applicable for all drugs/compounds of that target. This approach mostly examines the role of target in pathophysiology of the diseases to propose novel alternative indications