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Who are the promoters of GVK BIO?

GVK BIO is promoted by India’s leading infrastructure giant, GVK Group and Mr Davinder S Brar (former Managing Director & CEO of Ranbaxy Labs). The GVK Group has diversified interests in resources, airports, transportation, hospitality and life-sciences.

Does GVK BIO have offices outside of India?

Yes. GVK BIO has offices in the USA and Singapore outside of India. Please refer to the Contact Us page for further details.

What is GVK BIO’s service portfolio?

GVK BIO is Asia’s leading Contract Research Organization. We offer a spectrum of stand-alone and integrated services across the life-sciences R&D value chain.  Our discovery services consist of analytical services, chemistry services, biology and informatics, while the development services include clinical research, medical affairs, clinical pharmacology, analytical development, process R&D and custom synthesis. We cater to the R&D needs of nearly 200 clients, encompassing some of world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology organizations, agro chemical industries, leading research institutions and universities, and a few prestigious, large private research foundations successfully, for over a decade, across service lines.

What differentiates GVK BIO?

The key differentiator is the integrated services platform we offer. Clients can choose a particular service, or a combination of services, based on their research needs. We offer multiple business models, which gives them the flexibility to operate. The best minds in the industry work with GVK BIO and clients directly benefit from their inputs. Being part of the GVK Group, state-of-the-art infrastructure is also one of our key differentiators. We have ample scope to accommodate the needs of any client, on a project-to-project basis.

How do I apply for a post at GVK BIO?

Please visit our Careers section for current opportunities. You can also apply using the HR ID on the Careers section.

Clinical research

In which therapeutic areas does GVK BIO conduct trials?

At GVK BIO, we have experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas, and have conducted trials in more than 15 therapeutic areas over the last five years.

Which Phases do you address?

We support Phase I to IV of clinical trials, including observational, outcomes research and registry studies.

How do I become an Investigator?

To begin with, you would need a thorough understanding of Good Clinical Practices (GCP), and the law of the land where the clinical research will be conducted. You need to set-up the requisite infrastructure at your hospital/clinic to facilitate the conduct of a clinical trial. Then of course, a good patient pool in your area of expertise, and marketing for the same are important. Once identified by a sponsor (pharmaceutical company / CRO / government health institute), the designated clinical research associate at your site shall ensure all the necessary documentation and updating is done for you. And will register you as an Investigator for a clinical trial.

Do you also conduct multi-country trials?

Though our expertise lies in South Asia (India, Bangladesh and Nepal), we have strong collaborations with several niche geography-specific CROs, with whom we can partner to perform multi-country trials.

What are the other services you offer?

Besides end-to-end services in clinical research, we also provide project management, monitoring, regulatory services, safety management, medical monitoring, data management, biostatistics, medical writing and quality assurance/audit services.

Clinical pharmacology

What is the difference between a bioequivalence study and a clinical trial?

Bioequivalence studies are carried out to compare the bioavailability between a test and a reference drug in terms of the rate and extent of drug absorption. These studies are carried out most often in healthy volunteers, on already marketed medicinal products, whose complete information is available. The effectiveness of the drug for a disease or condition is not measured. But only the amount of drug in blood or plasma is measured. Whereas, clinical trials are carried out to compare the treated subjects (new drug) to subjects who received no treatment, or standard treatment. These studies are carried out on patients with new medicinal products which are under development with no clear data established.

What accreditations do you have?

Our facility is audited and proved compliant to various regulatory viz., DCG(I), ANVISA, MoH Turkey, MHRA, USFDA, WHO, AFSSAPS (France). Our clinical laboratory is accredited by NABL.

Do you offer special population studies?

Yes, we do offer special population studies viz., schizophrenic, post-menopausal women, elderly population, obese population, glaucoma patients.

How do I enroll for a study?

You must be 18 years or above, and should be able to read and write. You can contact our study site mentioned on our website and register yourself in the volunteer database after learning about the types of studies one can enroll into. Learn about the process of screening that will be performed to identify your eligibility for participating in a study. However, you should provide your written consent to initiate the screening process. Once you are found eligible to take part in a study, you can report to the facility to enroll for a study. You will be enrolled into a study only after you provide written consent for participation upon knowing the details of molecule under development, risks and benefits of intended study.

Do I get compensated for participating in a study?

Yes, for your time and effort. But that is determined by the Independent Ethics Committee. The payment is judiciously calculated so as to avoid any undue influence on study participation and your financial position.

Where are your centers located?

At GVK Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., 1st & 7th Floor, Swarnajayanthi Commercial Complex, Ameerpet, Hyderabad – 500 038.

And at GVK Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., Clinical Pharmacology Unit-2, VEDANT, Near YMCA Club, S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad – 380 051.