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HEART Platform


HEART – Health Emphasized Analytics and Reporting Tool is a cloud based healthcare analytics framework that offers predictive and deductive analysis in order to assist quick decision making. The HEART platform is enabled through GVK BIO’s proprietary products such as GOSTAR, GOBIOM and through external data sources.

The key beneficiaries of the HEART platform are Patients, Healthcare Providers, Care Management Professionals, Doctors, KOLs, Payers, Pharmaceutical Companies and Public Health Authorities.

Heart Introduction


Why Heart:

The Onset of rapid urbanization and change in lifestyle have caused chronic disorders such as Cardio-vascular diseases, Diabetes, Asthma etc., which will become the major causes of deaths in the world. Of the 58 million worldwide deaths projected in 2015, Cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes alone are estimated to account for 19.4 million.

Most Cardiovascular diseases and Diabetes can be controlled by addressing key risk factors such as abuse of tobacco, alcohol and other substance, unhealthy diet, obesity and physical inactivity along with regular monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar level, cholesterol and lipid level in the blood (Disease Management)

Why Heart


The HEART platform through its Application and analytics engine acts as a strategic enabler for effective disease management by increasing awareness of disease impact, indicating timely treatment,following up to ensure compliance to medication and educating the patient to lead a healthier lifestyle. This also leads to an overall reduction of healthcare costs.

Key Features:

  • Patient Portal – This is an interactive, personalized and multilingual portal that is web based, mobile and social media enabled. The portal acts as a repository of up-to-date patient related medical data (prescriptions, diagnostic reports and scanned images). It connects patients to healthcare providers, payers, diagnostic service providers and care management professionals. Any patient can do a self-registration on the portal to get more information on facts and news about the disease and can also choose to avail at-home diagnostic services for some diseases.
  • Sponsor Dashboard – This provides a sponsor clear and customized metrics along with and Key Performance Indicators for all aspects of the program.
  • Patient Enrollment/Management – The mobile and web enabled Patient Enrollment and Management modules allows the care management professionals to record and post active consent based on the relevant medical and sociological information of patients. All personal information about the patient is stored by leveraging “Anonymized Patient Longitudinal Data” in an encrypted and secured database. Access to this data is provided to the patient and sponsors.


    Key Features

  • Doctor Referral – The Disease Management application allows sponsors to align with the Doctors for specific programs. If required the care manager can refer a patient, to an appropriate doctor using the application directly. The Doctor can use the platform to record the prognosis and its treatment along with its duration, which will subsequently be monitored by the care manager.
  • Program Management (Resource Allocation, Asset Allocation, Budgeting and Accounting) – The application provides a Program Management module for the sponsor through which he can allocate budgets and resources, track the schedule and manage the expenditure and assets.