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Informatics offers a number of target centric and compound centric databases on a standalone basis.  We provide database content to customers where they have an opportunity to integrate the data into their internal tools and databases.

  • Medicinal Chemistry Database:  A compilation of data captured from more than 120 medicinal chemistry related journals since 1959
  • Target Class Based Compound Database:  Data is captured and binned based on different class of protein families such as Kinases, GPCRs etc …
  • Drug Database:  This database covers data on clinical studies, metabolism, adverse events, ADME and biological activity for “known drugs” with synonyms
  • Clinical Candidate Database:  This includes data on pharmacology, ADME, phase details and biological activity for “compounds in different clinical phases”
  • Mechanism-based Toxicity Database:  It comprises toxicity related data and biological activity for drug like compounds or its metabolites with mechanism of action