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“The genomic science is overwhelmed with the rapidly growing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies. A wide spectrum of NGS platforms provide unparallel capabilities to generate cost effective genomic and transcriptomic data excessively there by helping researchers to penetrate deeper into the insights of health and diseases. The alarming rate at which these data are being generated from the various NGS platforms available worldwide pose a serious threat to the data analysis and management solutions. In next few years, NGS sequencing is expected to become integral part in clinical diagnostics, patient stratification in clinical trials, drug response studies and personalized medicine.

GVK Biosciences established NGS data analysis capabilities to address the above opportunities and offers an exhaustive range of services incorporating data analysis methods and algorithms. Experienced scientists and advanced analytical methodologies are the core strengths of GVKBIO to analyze large and complex data from the latest Next Generation Sequencing technologies such as Roche/ 454 Life Sciences, Illumina, Life Technologies SOLiD™ Systems and Ion Torrent for a wide range of applications.”