Products & Services / Assay Development and Screening

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Assay Development and Screening

GVK BIO offers customized Assay Development to support Discovery programs and accelerate research. We also adapt assays developed at the client’s site and undertake Screening at our facilities.

We routinely use biochemical assay technologies, typically including Luminescence, Fluorescence, Fluorescence Polarization, IMAP, Time Resolved FRET (HTRF), Alpha Screen, SPA, etc., and Cellular Assay Technologies, typically including, reporter gene assay, DELFIA, ELISA, CLIA, Alpha Lisa, etc.

Assay standardization and validation include:

  • Assay development plan
  • Assay validation based on established practices
  • Identification of physical & statistical parameters critical for assay validation
  • Standard Operational Procedures (SOP)
  • Assay run with a set of reference compounds with rank order potency and ascertainment for reproducible data

Screening and Assay Labs

Our Receptor Biology lab has capabilities to perform receptor binding and functional assays. With the support from our Molecular Biology lab, we generate stable cells expressing target receptors. Our state-of-the-art Cell Culture lab enables us to culture at least 5 billion cells every week. Membranes are prepared from bulk cells, characterized, validated and used in the binding assay for screening of NCEs. Alternately, cells would be frozen for further culturing.

Radioligand binding assays are developed for several therapeutic targets. Our targets include various:

We employ filtration or SPA technologies for the binding assays.