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Ion Channels

GVK BIO has extensive experience in expressing various human Ion Channels in mammalian cell lines. We have used various assays to screen compounds. To assess the expression levels of Ion Channels in our stably transfected cell lines and to screen compounds against transporters, we perform assays mentioned below.

  • Membrane potential assay (See more)
  • Radioligand binding assay (See more)

Proton movement due to uptake of substrates by ion channels causes intracellular acidification and membrane depolarization. This change in membrane potential is measured by fluorescent dye using FLIPR. We have validated Membrane potential assay for NaV channel.













The uptake of specific substrates by the ion channels over-expressed in mammalian cells is determined. Cells are incubated with radiolabelled substrates at specific temperature. Excess substrate is removed by washing and the cells are lysed. The radioactivity of the released substrate is measured.