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Molecular Biology

At GVK BIO, we are adept at cloning the gene of interest into choice of expression vector, right from cDNA synthesis. We have extensive experience in site directed mutagenesis/truncated/fusion protein construction.

We routinely use RT-PCR for cDNA synthesis from isolated RNA and also construct cDNA libraries. The cDNA is cloned into expression vectors and the confirmed clone is sequenced using primers for every 250-300 base pairs. We employ various strategies like Gateway, TOPO, Tet-on/off, fusion and tag constructs, based on the client’s requirement.

We also perform mini to giga scale preparation for DNA isolation. The isolated DNA is subject to several quality control checks, Agarose gel electrophoresis, restriction digestion, endotoxin testing and DNA sequencing using primers for every 250-300 base pairs.