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Specialized Cell-based Assays

Cellular Assays are one of the prime screening technologies used in pre-clinical Drug Discovery process, starting from primary screening to in vitro toxicology. GVK BIO’s focus is on developing relevant, accurate and informative cell-based systems that can simulate in vivo conditions.

The following assays are standardized at GVK BIO, representing our in-house capabilities and infrastructure for conducting cell based assays.

Cytokine assays using fresh PBMCs

  • TNF-α secretion
  • IL-1β secretion
  • IL-6 secretion

Cell proliferation (3H-Thymidine incorporation/XTT/MTT/Alamar blue)

  • PDGF stimulated
  • Serum stimulated
  • PHA stimulated


  • XTT/MTT/Alamar blue
  • Adhesion assays
  • ICAM-1
  • VCAM-1

Cyclooxygenases using whole blood assays

  • COX-1
  • COX-2 


pdf List of cell lines at GVK BIO