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IP And Confidentiality

In the world of scientific research, confidentiality is of utmost importance. At GVK BIO, we value this and take pride in our ability to assure clients of complete confidentiality. Some of the measures we take to ensure that there is no breach or infringement are:

  • Availablility of PgP encryption for secure communication
  • Ownership of all Intellectual Property (IP) by client
  • Strict confidentiality practiced project by project
  • CDA signed with each employee
  • Restricted entry into labs
  • Confidentiality regarding project details (known to the respective Project Managers only)
  • Recording of experiments by Chemists in dedicated lab books and ELNBs (e-lab notebooks)
  • Storage of data in dedicated storage space
  • Project codes used for chemical procurement and spectral data requisitions
  • Secured server rooms