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Infectious Disease/Neglected Tropical Disease Research

GVK BIO specializes in Clinical Research services for trials on Neglected Tropical Diseases. In addition to Trial Operations Management, Medical Monitoring, Regulatory, and Quality Assurance services, we also provide Data Management, Biostatistics, Medical Writing and Pharmacovigilance services to Indian and global clients.

Infectious disease research goes through challenging regulatory settings in terms of clinical, statistical and safety data requirements. A test drug/vaccine needs to undergo various types of studies, such as, non-inferiority, equivalence, and superiority studies in varied age groups to prove itself as a promising therapy or prophylactic measure, against a particular disease prior to market approvals. Our qualified and dedicated teams of expert professionals understand these issues and provide customized solutions in accordance with your requirements. Well-equipped with the latest and most advanced technologies, we can provide tailored solutions to meet your business needs.

Infectious diseases affect more than 1 billion people, living in tropical and subtropical climates. More than 70% of countries and territories that report the presence of neglected tropical diseases are low-income or lower middle-income economies. Usually, the populations affected are the poorest and impecunious populations of the developing countries, where affordability of medication is even more burdening factor than the disease itself. Our access in remote areas of India, Bangladesh and Nepal give us an advantage to recruit diverse population for a study, and manage your studies proficiently in these countries.

GVK BIO has dynamically participated in more than 20 infectious disease studies involving approximately 6,000 patients, covering diseases such as malaria, visceral leishmaniasis, community acquired pneumonia, tuberculosis, influenza, measles, encephalitis, and fungal infections. 

GVK BIO was selected preferred provider to a consortium of 14 global Product Development Partners (PDPs) for clinical services in Asia in 2010. The PDPs, funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are not-for-profit entities focused on developing new interventions for diseases that are often neglected by mainstream pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

GVK BIO has collaborations with national and apex medical institution focusing on neglected diseases in the South Asia geography. These associations help us expand our research, training and development activities in the region.

We have extensive experience in managing infectious disease trials, meeting the targets, and achieving results consistently with respect to;

  • Clients’ expectations, and time lines
  • Widespread patient recruitment (geographical distribution wise, age-group wise–adults, pediatric, and elderly)
  • Appropriate investigator selection
  • Monitoring complicated studies (longer patient follow-up, large number of sites and patients)

We can provide you with robust and credible evidence on our performance in managing all phases of infectious disease trials, with custom-made specific solutions and achieving the expected outcomes.