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Informatics & Analytics

Leveraging our extensive knowledgebase and domain expertise to provide decision support solutions for life sciences research and development.

  • More than a decade of experience in providing solutions to drug discovery and development
  • Team of over 500 scientists with rich experience across chemistry, biology and clinical sciences.
  • Clientele includes most of the global majors in pharmaceutical ,biotech and agrochemical sectors

Scientific Custom Curator of Choice

  • To the world’s largest scientific content providers
  • Value added scientific curation with speed and quality

Knowledgebase to enable your drug discovery and development

  • GOSTAR, a chemical-centric database which enables drug discovery
  • GOBIOM, a biomarker database that acts as a critical enabler for translational medicine
  • CTOD, a clinical trial outcomes database enabling clinical trial design and development

Bespoke services for specific industry needs

  • Drug repurposing to extract value from existing pharmaceutical assets
  • Agrochemical FATE modelling and regulatory dossier building