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The following major services are offered by the informatics & analyticsdivision

  • Data Mining and Curation: For manual curation of data prescribed by the client and delivery in specified format
  • Computational Chemistry: Number of computational screening methods including structure based, ligand based and fragment based are offered to identify hit to lead compounds
  • BioIT Services: An array of BioIT services including application development, database development, knowledge management and customized application development are available
  • Patent and Legal Research Services: Informatics offers cost-effective, secure and confidential intellectual property services with minimum turnaround time to the global clients
  • NGS Services: GVK Bioscience addresses to the proliferating demand of the NGS market and offers a comprehensive spectrum of NGS data analysis and annotation services consolidating computationally exhaustive pipelines and algorithms to confer the discoveries in a customized manner
  • Agrochemical Registration Services: GVK Biosciences offers Agrochemical Registration support to the agrochemical manufacturing companies for the product registration in Europe, USA, etc., through various scientific approaches and generating regulatory dossiers and assessment reports. We can also provide with the Environmental fate database in a customized way based on client’s specification.