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Agrochemical Registration Services

At GVK BIO, we provide agrochemical registration support services to our customers through Environmental Fate Modeling.


Environmental Fate Modeling

We provide cutting-edge Environmental Fate Modeling services – ranging from model-based data evaluation via highly standardized environmental exposure assessments to custom scenario development for Predicted Environmental Concentration (PECs) calculations.


Service Capabilities

  • Calculation of agrochemical fate in soil, ground water, surface water and sediment (PECs) using
    • Groundwater models: MACRO, PELMO, PEARL, GeoPEARL, PRZM, FROGS, etc
    • Surface water models: SWASH, MACRO, PRZM, TOXSWA, SWAN, DROPLET, EVA, EXPOSIT, etc
  • Country-specific modeling and preparation of national addendums
  • Kinetics evaluation of laboratory degradation and field dissipation studies for active substance and metabolites using mathematical modeling tools
  • Preparation of PEC assessment reports and dossiers (dRR) for regulatory submissions
  • GVK Bio can also provide with Environmental Fate database along with modeling requirements based on customer demand and requirement. The customer can be benefitted many ways by using the E-fate database for any future modeling requirements with ease and no/minimized effort.


Upcoming Agrochemical Registration Services

  • Preparation and compilation of registration dossiers for all relevant agrochemical registration sections
  • Analysis and preliminary assessment of available data including Check of Completeness
  • Ecotoxicological Risk Assessments
  • Preparation of Efficacy/ Biological Assessment Dossiers