Products & Services / Infrastructure

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  • 5 Servers located at Hyderabad each with 64 Gb RAM, 4 Tb Space, 16 processor and Intel Xeon 2.40 GHz
  • On demand, cluster computing with 1 Head Node and 5 compute nodes ; 512 Gb RAM & 10Tb



  • Commercial NGS Analysis Platform: CLCbio Genomic Workbench, the world’s leading bioinformatics software providing a wide rang e of data analysis platforms.
  • Public NGS Analysis Platform: GenePattern from Broad Institute, a powerful genomic analysis platform that offers a wide range of tools for gene expression analysis, SNP analysis, RNA-seq analysis and various data processing tasks.
  • Custom NGS analysis pipelines


    Preprocessing/ Quality Filtration/ Adapter Trimming NGSUtils, CANGS, Cleanreads, Trimmomatic, SeqTrim, Btrim, Cutadapt, PRINSEQ, FastQC, TrimGalore etc.
    Denovo Assembly CABOG, Velvet, ABySS, AMOS, ALLPATH, SOAPdenovo, RAY, MIRA, VCAKE, EDENA etc
    Transcriptome Analysis TopHat, Cufflinks, HTSeq, RSEM, RUM, DESEq, ERANGE, OASES, MISO etc
    ChIP-Seq Analysis MACS, SISSRS, FindPEak, CHiPSeq, QUEST, PASS, etc
    Small RNA Analysis sRNA workbench, miRCat, DSAP, miRExpress, miRDeep2
    Re-Sequencing Analysis MOSAIK, MAQ, BFAST, Mlgt, CopySeq etc
    Exome Analysis Contra, Chipster, ExomeCNV etc
    Mapping Tools BOWTIE, BWA, MUMmer, SOAP, SSAHA, Novocraft, ELAND etc
    Misc Genomic Tools, SAMTools, BEDTools, CRAM Toolkit etc
    Annotation GATK, ANNOVAR, snpEff, GAME etc