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NGS Capabilities

Next Generation Data Analysis

GVK Biosciences offers a wide range of NGS analysis solutions for the vast amount of NGS data being generated to keep pace with the steepincrease in the productivity of sequencing technologies due to a sharp decline in the sequencing costs.

  • Whole Genome Resequencing: Quality filteration, Variation detection(SNPs, SNVs, INDELS, Structural variations), Mapping reads and Alignment, Functional annotation
  • Transcriptome Analysis: Quality filteration, Identification of novel isoform, novel transcribed regions, fusion genes, alternative splice events, differential expression analysis, Expressed SNVs
  • Small RNA Analysis: Quality filteration, Mapping reads, Expression profiling and annotation of miRNA and siRNA
  • De novo Assembly: Quality filteration, Asembling contigs and scaffolds, Novel and known transcripts identification, Gene predictions and annotations, Pathway analysis
  • ChIP-Seq Analysis: Quality filteration, Peak detection, DNA- protein interaction analysis, DNA Methylation, Histone modification and Motif discovery
  • Exome Analysis: Identification of known and novel SNPs, INDELS and CNVs


NGS Annotation Services

SNP Annotation Pipeline: Includes genetic association, diseases association and pharmacogenomics details etc.