Environment, Health & Safety

We conduct our business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner and are committed to provide safe & healthy workplace and reduce environmental impact of our operations in the community we live in.

As a responsible organisation, we closely work with our business partners and share our commitment to following key EHS & Sustainability areas:

  • Comply with applicable legal and other requirements:

    We operate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations with respect to EHS & Sustainability.

  • Promote health, safety and well-being:

    We promote and ensure health and safety at our workplace by implementing programs to prevent or control employee exposures to workplace hazards, manage processes safely and prevent catastrophic events, promote access to health programs that positively impact on the employees’ health, preparedness to execute emergency response procedures and occupational health & safety training.

  • Operate in an environmentally responsible manner to embrace sustainability:

    We operate in a sustainable and responsible manner to reduce our environmental footprints including natural resource conservation, waste reduction, prevent accidental releases of hazardous materials into the environment and implement programs to ensure that our products do not contain restricted or banned materials.

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  • Implement management systems to improve EHS performance:

    EHS & Sustainability programs at GVK BIO are driven by the leadership team. We have internal audits and benchmarking matrices through which we continually renew and improve our performance in EHS & Sustainability.

  • Disclose information on EHS & Sustainability issues:

    We make reasonable efforts to disclose relevant information on EHS & Sustainability to various stakeholders on request.

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