GVK BIO Repurposing Integrated Platform (GRIP)

GVK BIO Repurposing Integrated Platform (GRIP) consists of a customized Drug Repurposing Database, Proprietary repurposing algorithms, internally developed analytical engine and visualization tool. GRIP- centred on drug, target and disease associations, has all the required components to address the repurposing/repositioning activity and utilizes validated multipronged approaches to identify new indications for drugs/compounds repurposing.

GRIP Features:

  • Robust Drug – Disease – Target Associations
  • Custom built Drug repurposing data base
  • Built in visualization Tools
  • Eight Different repurposing algorithms
  • Drug Centric – Disease Centric – Target Centric marts

GRID (GVK BIO Repurposing Integrated Database)

GRID is a custom-made proprietary database, which includes data from both public and proprietary sources. It contains individual data marts of drugs, diseases and targets and also creates multi-dimensional profiles of biologically relevant entities such as genes, pathways, biomarkers and adverse events.

This one stop shop helps GVK BIO scientists in identifying the non-obvious correlations between drugs, diseases and targets in a systematic and highly predictable manner.

GRID Features:

  • Compilation of 40+ public databases and proprietary databases
  • Contains individual data marts (Drug/Disease/Target/Biomarker/Pathway)
  • Customized content to address repurposing analytics
  • Able to visualize ‘Drug – Disease – Target’ relationships

Repurposing Algorithms

GVK BIO has developed number of customized proprietary algorithms to mine the drug- target-disease associations. Each algorithm is specifically designed to address the different types of data and bring out the novel alternative indications or therapeutics candidate for drug and diseases, respectively.

Structural Similarity:

 Identifies structurally similar compounds with new indications.

Literature Mining:

 Gives drug – disease – target associations from public literature.

Adverse Events:

 Identifies drugs sharing similar adverse events.


 Predicts chemical protein interaction network.


 Helps in identification of alternate targets and therapeutic indications for query drugs.

Gene Expression:

Establishes a three-way connection between genes, diseases and drugs.


Establishes the connection between phenotype and genotype.

Clinical Trials:

Helps in screening the ongoing/completed/withdrawn clinical trials of the given drug and clinical trials involving the given drug’s original target.

Analytics Engine & Visualization Tools

GVK BIO has established a novel analytical engine and visualization tool to identify the hidden connections between drugs, diseases and targets. This visualization tool enables scientist to examine both direct and indirect connections as well as known and unknown relationships. The visualization network may be built using number of drug repurposing analytical entities such as drug, disease, target, biomarker, pathway, adverse events and clinical trials.

GVK BIO Drug Repurposing Analytics/Platform – Strengths

  • A comprehensive solution developed by GVK BIO to identify alternate indications of existing drugs/compound
  • Identification of non-obvious drug-target-disease relationships
  • Identification of low-risk, cost-efficient indications for repurposing candidates
  • Utilizes prior Research & Development investments to extract value from the failed/shelved compounds
  • It is a strategic approach to strengthen the drug development pipeline
  • Allows an increase in clinical starts leading to more drugs entering clinical trials


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