In Vitro Pharmacology

In vitro pharmacology studies provide invaluable data on a compound’s chances to succeed at the clinical phase. Our team of in vitro pharmacology solutions has served more than 70 clients across pharmaceutical, biotech, agricultural and cosmetic companies over the last 7 years. The team has provided solutions right from conception to the delivery of the targets.

At GVK BIO, we offer a panel of validated in vitro pharmacological assays that cover a broad range of targets. Apart from ascertaining the potency of the NCE on target, assays are also available for selectivity screening and profiling. While working closely with the customers, the team provides solutions ranging from Reagent Generation, Assay Development, Validation and High Throughput Screening, thereby partnering with the sponsors involving key decisions in narrowing down the drug candidates that can reach the targets effectively. The cornerstone of our in vitro pharmacology is a broad expertise in target-specific molecular interactions along with state-of-the-art technology platforms. Appropriate screening technologies are applied to generate high-quality data in aggressive turnaround times.

Each of our clients is unique and each study is based on different prerequisites and objectives. Therefore, we focus on the customized technical solution that can best meet your requirements.

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We pay particular attention to the feasibility study and to the personalized management of your project. We achieve this through regular and open communication between your study manager and our In vitro pharmacology specialists. In vitro pharmacology solutions are a part of our core business: by managing a plurality of projects, our scientists have acquired an expertise and know-how which can be applied to a wide range of products.


Specializing in both standard and custom in vitro assays, we are focused on providing our clients cost effective, high quality, reproducible data and flexible solutions with fast turnaround times. We look forward to helping advance your next project.

Our global in vitro pharmacology scientists, with expertise across a variety of therapeutic areas, target types, assay formats, instrument and automation platforms, are dedicated to helping you identify and progress your most promising biology and chemistry forward.

Benefits of opting for in vitro pharmacology solutions at GVK BIO:
  • A wide choice of binding, enzymatic and cell based functional to match your project requirements
  • Access to major targets for cross-target liability profiling
  • Reliable, quick turnaround times and strict quality controls
  • Custom solutions to supplement our off-the-shelf solutions to meet all of your needs, providing a cost-effective way to expand your capabilities and capacity

Please drop your contact details here. Our in vitro pharmacology solutions team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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