High Throughput Screening

GVK BIO offers Medium and High Throughput Screening (HTS) for biochemical and cell-based assays, against numerous target classes such as GPCR, Ion Channel, Transporters and Enzymes. We can execute HTS on assay panels developed in-house, supplied by clients or de-novo assays for a novel target.

GVK BIO has completed several HTS Campaigns and completed over 4,00,000 compound screening. The HTS facility at GVK BIO can process more than 30,000 data points in a single day and is suited for both mammalian cell-based and biochemical assays in 96 and 384 well formats. These campaigns help identify several hit molecules. We screen client-provided compounds or vendor libraries by facilitating access to vendor libraries.

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Reagent Generation


  • Liquid handlers (Biomek FX with 384 well and 96 well head)
  • Biomek NX with 8 channel head for compound dilution and cherry picking
  • Cytomat integrated with liquid handler that can process up to 170 plates at a time
  • Integrated temperature controlled workstations (-40°C to 200°C) in liquid handlers
  • Multimode readers (BMG Polarstar, ENVISION, Spectramax, etc.)
  • Scintillation counters (Topcount and Micro Beta)
  • Rapid stacks for flexible integrations
  • Reagent dispensers (MultidropCombi, Flexdrop and Microfill)
  • AKTA Explorer
  • Molecular Biology labs
  • Microbiology labs
  • Insect and mammalian cell culture facilities
  • Scale-up up to 20 litres using wave bioreactor

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