Library Synthesis Genesis

A dedicated team provides focused and large libraries with multiple diversifications


  • Target based focused libraries assisted by medicinal/ computational chemists
  • Random /diversified libraries, based  on drug like properties
  • Solid and solution phase properties
  • 100 -2000 compound libraries

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  • Liquid Handling System (TECAN, Freedom EVO-2 150 Base)
  • APMS (Waters, 3100 Mass Detector, 2767 Sample manager, Waters 2998 PDA detector, ELSD detector)
  • LC-MS (Acquity UPLC, Waters Triple Quadrupole Mass, Agilent 385 ELSD Detector)
  • Genevac (HT-4X, EZ-2 standard)
  • Nitrogen Blow Down (Gals Col – 96 well plate)
  • Thermal Plate Sealer (Agilent)
  • Glove Box (MBRAUN UNIlab)
  • Aluminium Reaction Blocks (4 ml, 8 ml and 40 ml vials)

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