Peptide Chemistry Synthesis

A dedicated Peptide chemistry team is specialized in synthesis of various types of peptides and associated modifications.


  • Automated peptide synthesizer
  • Automated block reactors, mini blocks with work stations, specialized reactions vessels
  • Centrifuge, Lyophilizer, purification instruments


  • Up to 50 monomer synthesis
  • Mg to Kg scalability

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N-terminal and Side-Chain Modifications:

  • PEGylation
  • Acetylation, acylation (e.g. lipopeptides)
  • Biotinylation
  • Phosphorylation (phosphoserine, tyrosine and threonine), sulfation and glycosylation
  • Introduction of maleimido groups, chelating moieties, chromophores and fluorophores, etc.

C-Terminal Modifications:

  • Amidation (peptide amide)
  • Peptide alcohols and aldehydes
  • C-terminal esters and thioesters


  • Single or multiple disulfide bridges
  • Head-to-tail cyclisation
  • Side chain cyclisation (e.g. lactam bridge, thioether)
  • Hydrocarbon-stapled peptides


  • Conjugation with ADC linker, biomolecules, carbohydrate, heterocycles, steroids, etc. with spacer, amino acids and others
  • Modification of peptide bond (site specific phosphorylation from azide) in the final molecule

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