Supporting the chemistry needs of clients in the Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals and Material Science space

GVK BIO offers the largest scientific pool of organic and medicinal chemists with 19+ years of experience in discovery and development. Talent magnet comprises of 15% PhDs with post-doctorate experience.

Team has experience of delivering molecules from small to large scale in various chemistries viz. heterocyclic compounds, carbohydrates, asymmetric synthesis, macromolecules, natural products, nucleotides, biomolecules, peptides etc. Established differentiating platforms – SFC technology, catalyst screening, redox photochemical and peptides, to accelerate the synthesis of novel and complex molecules.

  • >1,200,000 sq. ft. of dedicated lab space (>900 fume hoods and AAALAC accredited animal facility)
  • 5 independent research centers with 24/7 analytical support and ancillary functions
  • State-of-the-art analytical instrumentation including UPLCs, HPLCs, LCMSs, GC, MS, NMR and largest number of SFCs to speed up the analysis and purification process
  • Large pool of highly skilled 2500 scientists with master and higher degree in respective science stream
  • Strong computational and informatics group with database of 7.8 m compounds with their biological profiles

Accelerate your research and development efforts with valuable scientific solutions in speed and quality.

Our partners can choose services that are offered as ‘Fee for Service’, ‘Full Time Equivalent’ or customized model based on the project requirement.

Project Management

At GVK BIO, a dedicated project management team helps in streamlining various non-scientific activities like the resources, output, logistics etc. enabling the scientific team to focus on the scientific deliverables.

With excellent domain knowledge, the team is accountable to provide performance metrics and logistics support to all collaborations. The various proprietary tools available for capturing various data points are as follows:

Project Health Tool: Captures productivity of synthesis team

e-PD Tool: Captures procurement time for raw materials and dispatch time for finished goods

e-Sample Tool: Captures cycle time for each analysis

Biology Tracker: Captures timeline for each activity ensuring appropriate utilization of resources for Medchem / Integrated Drug Discovery programs


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