Research Associate


Discovery Services

Job Function

Job Grade

Chemistry Services

SBU/ Division


Candidate Profile Qualification

M.Sc. (Organic/ MedicinalChemistry)


1-4years of relevant experience

No. of positions



Scope of the role

This position is responsible for executing chemical reactions to synthesize required quantities ofmolecules/ compoundsas per client specifications using efficient route and techniques.

Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Set-upand execute reactions for synthesis of target molecules/ compounds:
    • Understand the project requirements as specified by the client
    • Understand the synthetic route and reaction parameters from supervisor/ manager
    • Comprehend and discuss the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) with supervisor/ team members
    • Identify and mitigate any potential safety risk with the help of supervisor
    • Plan and execute reactions with proper reagents and equipment (glassware, stirrers, vacuum pumps etc.), maintaining specified conditions (temperature, pressure etc.), with optimum usage and minimum wastage
    • Ensure parallel execution of multiple reactions
    • Monitor progress of the reactions by using standard methods and analytical techniques
    • Identify and execute appropriate workup and purification technique to produce an intermediate/ final compound of desired quality
    • Analyze and interpret analytical data results and report to supervisor/manager
    • Meet productivity benchmarks on number of reactions/ number of steps/ number of compounds/ quantity/ compound purity/ project timelines
  • Ensure safety at work through enforcement of good laboratory practices:
    • Follow safety protocols and guidelines in the labs
    • Maintenance and usage of equipment/apparatus/instruments as per SOPs
  • Maintain records, data integrity and IP confidentiality:
    • Document reactions, research findings/ observations accurately in lab note books as per client requirements/ LNB SOP to ensure data integrity
    • Maintain strict IP Confidentiality and adhere to all related policies
    • Compile required experimental data to prepare final reports
  • Ensure skill development of self:
    • Improve knowledge of Organic Chemistry (particularly synthesis)/ Analytical techniques etc.