Title Research Associate
Services Analytical
Job Function Analytical
Job Grade Research Associate
SBU/ Division Inogent CDS
Candidate Profile Qualification
Location Hyderabad
Job Responsibilities Improve delivery efficiency and quality through delivery management:

  • Collect samples from R&D, enter into the register and distribute it for respective analytical techniques(Raw materials, intermediates and final compounds)
  • Receive new columns, label and store them as per the guidelines/ procedures
  • Collect samples (raw materials/finished products) from the store and prepare for conducting required analysis
  • Prioritize and prepare samples for the required analysis
  • Minimize wastage of solvents and chemicals to reduce cost
  • Develop methods for raw materials, intermediates, final API/ compounds and reactor cleaning samples
  • Conduct HPLC and Gas Chromatography analysis to analyze molecules and enrich purity of the raw materials/ intermediates/ reaction monitoring samples/ final compounds
  • Analyze the samples using HPLC, NMR, GCMS and LCMS etc. independently
  • Conduct WET and chemical analysis – Moisture Content, Loss on Drying, Residue on ignition, heavy metals and volumetric titrations
  • Prepare certificate of analysis for the raw materials, intermediates and final compounds independently
  • Provide support to SRA in preparing and releasing report with test results
  • Prepare certificate of analysis for the final compound/ intermediaries
  • Close identified gaps to improve client satisfaction score

Ensure safety at work through enforcement of best lab management practices:

  • Handle all chemicals and instruments in a safe manner, adhere to the lab safety practices and ensure compliance
  • Communicate to the in-house engineer/senior team members in a timely manner in case of any instrument break down/malfunction
  • Record, maintain and update the analysis in an accurate manner on a continuous basis

Ensure skill development of self and new team members:

  • Enhance knowledge related to NMR, HPLC, LCMS, GCMS, POLARIMETER, MR, ATR generation and wet analysis etc.
  • Mentor the new joiners/ junior team members on various analytical activities