DMPK Case Studies

GVK BIO is one of the foremost contract research organizations providing Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetic Studies. Over the past 16 years our DMPK team has worked thousands of studies and helped clients from all continents. Here are come of our DMPK case studies that you may like.

Case Study: pION Solubility
Case Study: Skin Pampa
Case Study: In Vitro: Skin Absorption Studies (OECD TG: 428)
Case Study: Metabolic Stability (Microsomes)
Case Study: Low Bioavailability
Case Study: Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) Studies in Mice
Case Study: Tissue Distribution 
Case Study: Cytochrome P-450 Induction in Human Hepatocytes
Glutathione trapping, A Case Study
Case Study: Photodegradant(s) Analyses


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