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GVK BIO provides comprehensive tailor-made in vitro ADME services for drug discovery organizations. Our unique expertise in in vitro ADME studies lies in innovative innovative approach incorporating advanced technologies in elucidating drugability properties of compound. Expert study designs, in vitro ADME assays and data interpretation from the team at GVK BIO allow you to characterize your drug candidate’s ADME properties and its potential for drug interactions.

ADME Screening Services Team

Our ADME screening team provides validated workflows to the GVK BIO Integrated Drug Discovery platform to bridge chemistry, biology and pharmacology for your projects. GVK BIO’s ADME/Tox services will help advance your pre-clinical drug discovery projects and enhance your organization’s ability to make sound decisions towards key milestones.

Our ADME screening team has extensive experience in assay development and validation if custom work is required. We have validated critical early stage ADME screening assays against literature data. In combination with our sophisticated lab instruments and streamlined process, we can provide for your in vitro ADME/Tox needs in a cost-efficient and timely manner. We offer both in-house assay development and out-sourced management services as needed for assays unavailable at GVK BIO.


  • Highly reproducible, accurate data – validated and used by over 1700 clients from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical, tobacco, cosmetics, health care companies and academic and government organisations.
  • Delivery of data for core in vitro ADME screening and physicochemical assays is within 10 working days to fit in with the make-test timelines in drug discovery. A number of different reporting options are available.
  • Highly cost effective due to our emphasis on high throughput engineering for key in vitro screening assays.
  • Attention to good quality customer care, with highly trained Principal Scientists on hand to explain results and suggest the most appropriate experimental strategy.
  • Flexibility – studies can be tailored to our customers’ specific requirements.
  • Regulations – our ADME services maintain and comply with regulatory guidelines providing constant confidence in the data.

Many of our in vitro ADME assays have multiple formats available to suit the different stages of the drug discovery pipeline, allowing us to offer a flexible approach to our ADME services. We carry out a wide range of studies in the field of ADME-Tox, with a top-notch knowledge in drug metabolism, drug-drug-interactions & quantitative bioanalysis.

GVK BIO Advantage

  • Strong expertise in bioanalysis and DMPK regulation
  • Industry reputed Quick Turn Around Time
  • Quality of data from the studies
  • Advice in case of unexpected DMPK results

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Our highly trained and experienced scientific team provides broad and in-depth expertise/advice to clients on appropriate study designs, execution of studies, and interpretation of the data. We also offer extensive drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic capabilities for new chemical entities and compounds in development. The synergy within our group gives you a head start for competitive time-lines and efficient advice. You gain easy assess to our experts and we can evaluate your precise requirements and ensure you get the best solution at the best price.

Our In vitro ADME capabilities includes buffer solubility both kinetic and thermodynamic, stability in buffer, plasma, serum & simulated gastric/intestinal fluid, LogD, multi-species plasma, brain/tissue homogenate protein binding, metabolic stability and metabolite profiling with S9, microsome & hepatocytes, metabolite ID, UGT phenotyping, PAMPA, Caco-2 efflux, MDCK permeability, CYP450 inhibition & TDI , CYP phenotyping, CYP450 3A4 induction in PXR-luciferase reporter gene assay, and RBC-Plasma (Cb/Cp) partitioning in multiple species.

In vitro ADME assays are an important part of a successful drug development program aiding in the critical decision making process by offering metabolic information about drug-drug interactions, pharmacokinetics, absorption and potential toxicities. The in vitro ADME services team provides validated workflows to bridge chemistry, biology and pharmacology for your projects. This enables us to provide high quality data that our customers’ can truly rely on, in their decision making. We are pledged to work closely with our customers in providing  in vitro ADME services with quick turnaround time and way forward.

Our in vitro ADME and DMPK services include in vitro metabolism, in vitro permeability and transporters, solubility and physicochemical properties, in vitro protein binding and PK studies and bioanalysis


  • Solubility (Kinetic and Thermodynamic)
  • Log P, Log PKa & Log D
  • PAMPA (GIT, BBB and Skin)
  • Metabolic stability in microsomes (2 time points, Multispecies)
  • Plasma protein binding (Single concentration)
  • Cocktail CYP inhibition, HLM (single concentration, 5/8 CYPs)
  • Cassette IV PK
  • Cassette PO PK


  • Plasma protein binding (3 concentrations, 3-5 species)
  • Metabolic stability in microsomes and hepatocytes (Intrinsic Clearance)
  • Plasma/blood stability
  • CYP inhibition (IC50, Ki)
  • Met ID (soſt spot), species comparison
  • Blood / plasma Partitioning
  • Time dependent inhibition / Mechanism based inactivation
  • Reactive metabolite screening
  • MDCK & Caco-2 permeability
  • Rodent Bioavailability studies
  • Mouse IV PO PK
  • Dog Bioavailability Studies
  • Blood brain barrier Penetration studies (Brain and CSF) in rodents


  • Reaction Phenotyping
    • Multi day PK study in Rodents
    • Ascending dose K studies in Rodents
    • Ascending dose PK studies in dogs
    • CYP Induction
  • Tissue distribution studies
  • MTD studies in rat and mouse
  • Mechanistic PK studies (Biliary excretion, First pass metabolism,BAL study)
  • Metabolite identification and characterization from in-vitro and in-vivo samples


  • Bioanalytical method development and validation in rodent and non-rodents
  • Single-and multiple-dose pharmacokinetics
  • Dose proportionality and absolute bioavailability in rodents and non-rodents
  • Plasma protein binding in rodents and non-rodents
  • In vitro CYP450 inhibition (1A2, 2B6, 2C8, 2C9, 2C19, 2D6, 2E1, 3A4/5) in human liver microsomes
  • CYP induction in human hepatocytes
  • In vitro metabolism in rat, mouse, dog and human hepatic preparations
  • Reaction Phenotyping in recombinant CYPs or UGTs or other enzyme systems
  • Non-CYP enzymes mediated metabolism study
  • P-gp and BCRP transporter studies using Caco2 cell line

Our in vitro ADME services team has extensive experience in ADME assay development and validation. We also specialize in the custom in vitro ADME assay development. We have validated critical early stage screening assays against literature data.

As a result of the sophisticated lab instruments and streamlined process, we can provide for your in vitro ADME-Tox needs in a cost-efficient and timely manner. The data collected from these studies are necessary to determine if the compound is a good candidate to move forward, as well as obtaining data necessary to proceed further.

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