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GVK BIO offers custom monoclonal antibody production services to the scientific community to accelerate a project in Biology. When the antibody for a chosen antigen is not already available off the shelf, it is time to develop a custom project. The experienced staff of GVK BIO processes a custom project with the same mind set; we want to produce an antibody that specifically detects the antigen in the chosen application.

Whether it’s your first time developing a monoclonal antibody or you have exacting protocol requirements, GVK BIO provides comprehensive service packages for monoclonal antibody development at all levels of control.

We have a track record of custom monoclonal antibody production services, generating thousands of successful custom monoclonal antibodies with high-specificity and high-affinity. It does not matter if your application is Western Blot, IF/flow cytometry, IHC, ICC, IP/ChIP, Sandwich ELISA, or functional assays, we guarantee that at least one clone will work in your own experimental system. GVK BIO guarantees competitive pricing and delivery time for all routine options.

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We supply Antibody production project with a Peptide Design and Project reports, when applicable.

  • Fast turnaround time: We deliver antibodies 4 months faster than traditional immunization protocols.
  • Strict Confidentiality: No project associated information and products will not be known to anyone other than the project owner.
  • Guaranteed results: ELISA titer and Western blot guaranteed packages available.
  • Certified facility: AAALAC International accreditation and OLAW certification, demonstrating our commitment to responsible animal care and use.

Our high rate of success, short turn-around time and affordable cost are due to our proprietary hybridoma technology, state-of- the-art, specific pathogen free (SPF) facility, extensive experience in antibody production for various gene targets, and flexibility to suit our customer’s needs.

Although most projects can be completed within 5-6 months, actual processing time is dependent on the peptide synthesis, animal immunization processes and clone subculture. Our Monoclonal Antibody Production team will give you the exact timelines based a discussion with you.

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Since prices vary upon project customization, we recommend you to send a mail tour email address, specifying all your requirements to obtain an accurate price. Our Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production Services Team will address all the requests within 48 Hours.

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