Cosmetics Services

GVK BIO offers services for cosmeceutical formulation efficacy and safety evaluation for various areas like skin care, hair care and anti-aging. Various in-vitro and cell based assay platforms have been developed in-house to assess the efficiency of active molecules viz., ELISAs, Bioassays, Cell based assays, protein profiling and genomic profiling.

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Services provided by GVK BIO include:

Skin Care

  • Melanin pigment estimation assay using melanoma cell lines
  • Melanine transfer Assay using Co-culture studies
  • Tyrosinase inhibition assay
  • MC1 receptor binding assays using primary melanocytes
  • Reconstituted 3D in vitro modesl for Melanin estimation

Hair Care

  • 5α reductase inhibition assay
  • • Cell based hair growth factors (IGF, VEGF, KGF and TGFβ) estimation assay
  • Proteomic and gene profiling of marker proteins

Anti Ageing

  • Co-culture studies to assess collagen levels
  • Evaluation of matrix metalloprotinases inhibitions
  • Estimation of the epidermal marker involucrin release
  • Elastase inhibition assay

Toxicity & Safety Evaluations

  • Cytotoxicity assays
  • Phototoxicity assay using neutral red
  • Cutanious irritation using 3D reconstituted human Epidermis
  • Skin corrosion using 3D reconstituted human Epidermis
  • Corneal irritation using 3D corneal Epithelium model
  • Alternate for animal testing (3D cell culture assays)

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