Pharmacokinetic Studies and Services (PK Studies)

Pharmacokinetic studies (PK Studies) are key activities of early drug development. Our Pharmacokinetic services (PK services) can be exploratory, or can be more extensive. GVK BIO conducts regular PK studies and can also customize it based the requirements of the clients.

Pharmacokinetic PK Studies and toxicokinetic analyses are key activities of early drug development. Thoroughly understanding the DMPK of a potential clinical candidate can have a huge impact on the success of a drug discovery program.

GVK BIO ensures safe and efficacious dosage regimens through the application of pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic principles and the determination of drug serum concentrations. The iterative nature of in vivo PK services requires rapid cycle times with changing priorities. We have built a team of experienced scientists with facilities and processes designed specifically to meet these challenging requirements.

From standard screening to more complex PK studies, our team of experienced study directors can also assist in designing the best strategy and protocols customized to suit any drug discovery program.

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