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A major challenge in drug discovery programs is connecting the chemistry activities with the biology activities. Ensuring that the right compounds from the chemists go to the biologists to perform the required assays can be particularly challenging. Scientists spend a lot of their time in logistics rather than thinking about science. This situation gets worse, when the chemistry and biology may be performed at multiple organizations, increasing the chance of error and delay.

GVK BIO uses XLRATE™, a dedicated project management system for drug discovery projects that ensures rapid assay cycle times and accelerates decision making. At every step of the way, we measure KPIs to monitor project health. Key features of the XLRATE™ project management system include:
  • Dedicated project management team to focus on logistics; scientists focus on science
  • Managing turnaround time (TAT) – ensuring rapid assay cycle times to accelerate decision making
  • KPIs to measure productivity and project health
  • Seamless Chemistry – Biology coordination; reduces wasted time and errors in shipping compounds to multiple sites for studies
  • Single point of contact
  • Regular client communications
  • Centralized documentation
  • Digital Compound management –
    storage, tracking, distribution & shipping
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We offer access to the XLRATE™ system to all our clients who run integrated programs, with chemistry and biology components, with us – and we do not charge you extra for this!

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