Isotope Synthesis

GVK BIO is one of the leading service provider for labeled (radio-isotope) compounds in India. Our facility is approved by AERB (Atomic Energy Radiation Board), Government of India. We have demonstrated our expertise in 3H and 14C compounds synthesis for various customers.

Our infrastructural facilities include β-RAM INUS 5-online radio detector with HPLC, Liquid Scintillation Counter, Radio TLC Detector / scanner, Survey Meter (µR / h) and Contamination Monitor Instruments. All operations in the Isotope labeled lab is under supervision of Radio Safety Officer. In-house constituted Radioisotope Safety Committee closely monitors different safety aspects of radioisotope handling and disposal.

Our average handling capacity for 3H and 14C is 250-500 mCi / batch of reaction. Our site has approval to handle the following quantities per year:

  • 3H-1000 mCi (milli Curie)
  • 14C-1000 mCi
  • 32P &35S-5 mCi
  • 45Ca &65Zn – µCi (micro curie)

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