Library Synthesis

GVK BIO provides high-quality and cost-effective solutions for parallel chemistry/library synthesis needs of our clients, from proof of concept-validation-final production and purification. We have extensive experience in synthesising focused and large libraries with multiple diversifications in well-equipped laboratories. The library synthesis team is well aligned with analytical, procurement, logistics and compound management teams for efficient execution.

All library compounds are purified and characterised using mass-based auto purification systems. Compounds are registered using in-house proprietary software and compound registration data is shared with clients in various preferred formats (SD, CSV, etc.) along with synthesis protocol and analytical reports. The compound management team assists in supplying library compounds in various formats as specified by the client (plates/tubes/vials).

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  • Solid and solution phase synthesis
  • Focused on large libraries
  • Cryogenic reactions
  • Proof of concept to production through validation process

Broad Overview of Chemistry Handled

  • Suzuki coupling/Buchwald coupling reactions
  • Nucleophilic conversions & SNAr type reactions
  • Acid-amine coupling, esterification and hydrolysis
  • Acylation, alkylation, urea, carbamate
  • Pyrazole, pyridine, spiroisoxazole, oxadiazole
  • Reductive amination
  • Displacement reactions

Key Instruments

  • Liquid Handling System (TECAN, Freedom EVO-2 150 Base)
  • APMS (Waters, 3100 Mass Detector, 2767 Sample manager, Waters 2998 PDA detector, ELSD detector)
  • LC-MS (Acquity UPLC, Waters Triple Quadrupole Mass, Agilent 385 ELSD Detector)
  • Genevac (HT-4X, EZ-2 standard)
  • Nitrogen Blow Down (Gals Col – 96 well plate)
  • Thermal Plate Sealer (Agilent)
  • Glove Box (MBRAUN UNIlab)
  • Aluminum Reaction Blocks (4 ml, 8 ml and 40 ml vials)

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