Speciality Chemistry

At GVK BIO, we have built distinct infrastructure to perform Special chemistry like peptide synthesis, nucleoside & nucleotide chemistry, and high quality light sensitive electronic grade materials (OLED precursors).

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Peptides, Peptidomimetics and Conjugate Chemistry

Our Peptide chemistry team has the right abilities in design and synthesis of linear and branched chain peptides, peptide conjugates including derivatives of lipids/steroids/small molecules/carbohydrate/PEG, etc. These peptides can be prepared either in solid or solution phase ranging from mg to Kg scale.

Our peptide modification capabilities include:

C-Terminal Modifications:

  • Amidation (peptide amide)
  • Peptide alcohols and aldehydes
  • C-terminal esters and thioesters

N-terminal and Side-Chain Modifications:

  • PEGylation
  • Acetylation, acylation (e.g. lipopeptides)
  • Biotinylation
  • Phosphorylation (phosphoserine, tyrosine and threonine), sulfation and glycosylation
  • Introduction of maleimido groups, chelating moieties, chromophores and fluorophores, etc.


  • Single or multiple disulfide bridges
  • Head-to-tail cyclisation
  • Side chain cyclisation (e.g. lactam bridge, thioether)
  • Hydrocarbon-stapled peptides

Backbone Modifications:

  • Incorporation of unusual amino acids, D-enantiomers, α- and N-methylamino acids, etc.

Peptide Conjugates:

  • Conjugation with ADC linker, biomolecules, carbohydrate, heterocycles, steroids, etc. with spacer, amino acids and others
  • Modification of peptide bond (site specific phosphorylation from azide) in the final molecule

Nucleoside & Nucleotide Synthesis

We have well established capabilities in synthesising nucleoside and nucleotides with modification in sugar and base moieties. We have expertise in synthesising modified amino sugar, halogenated sugars, S & N containing monosaccharides, chiral lactones, neuraminic acid and glycosidation with non-carbohydrate moieties.

In addition, nucleoside based complex building blocks have been synthesised and used for focused library generation. All compounds are characterised by extensive analytical studies like 1H, 19F, 31P-NMR, LCMS and HPLC. Nucleosides / nucleotides are purified through chiral and SFC-purification technique as required.

Material Science

The material science scientists at GVK BIO have the expertise on preparing high grade materials for its application in Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED), Printed Electronics (PE), Nanomaterials and Biomaterials.

The scientists have excellent skills in handling light and air sensitive compounds and have developed a unique platform to obtain high grade material.

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