Drug Repurposing

Drug repositioning has seen an overwhelming growth in the last few years as drug development and pharmaceutical companies realise their drug development pipelines are gradually becoming less efficient in accomplishing the expected results. Drug repurposing includes combination of approaches including computational biology and in vivo/in vitro studies to develop and confirm hypothesis.

GVK BIO is interested in strategic partnership with big pharma/biotech companies, generic drug companies and CROss to identify and develop repurposing candidates at reduced costs. In addition, we are interested in partnering with Non-profit organisations, Patient advocacy groups and Academia to develop therapeutic options for unmet medical needs through drug repurposing.

Pharma MNC’s
GVK BIO is interested in partnering with MNC pharma companies as a collaborative research and identifying repurposing solutions for their proprietary compounds.


Non Profit Organisations
GVK BIO is interested in collaborating with non-profit organisations in developing treatment options for unmet medical needs.


GVK BIO is interested in partnering with academia in identifying the drug repurposing solutions and also for the development of new drug repurposing technologies.

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