DMPK Solutions

GVK BIO provides comprehensive, cost-effective Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics studies support across the drug discovery paradigm for evaluating and optimizing the drug-like properties of new chemical entities. Our unique expertise lies in incorporating customized innovative approaches and advanced technologies such as high throughput screening to provide decision-enabling high-quality data with rapid turnaround times. The extensive experience and problem-solving capabilities of our team along-with our large capacity of bioanalysis, ensures no bottlenecks. We have the local presence of Harlan, Charles River and Taconic animals, which help in providing quality PK data from our AAALAC accredited vivarium. Our Project Management makes the journey from compound procurement to result sharing seamless for our clients. We work collaboratively with our customers, providing all needed scientific feedback and direction to advance their drug discovery programs. GVK BIO’s Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) studies span across all stages of drug discovery, including exploratory, hit-to-lead, lead optimization and candidate selection, as well as preclinical IND-enabling studies.

Through our range of DMPK assays (generic and customized, based on target), we help you identify and mitigate against Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion (ADME) related issues very early in your drug discovery projects. We work to:

  • Save time and reduce cost through ‘case-by-case’ approach, ensuring right balance of ADME properties
  • Have scientific, reason-based and flexible approaches
  • Design experiments to obtain maximum information with judicious resource usage
  • Identify rational, limitations and knowledge gaps

We provide solutions which are well connected through utilization of validated data management systems for data capture, storage and analysis.

Value Proposition

Consultative Approach DMPK team provides consultative client support from study design, execution, data interpretation and suggestions of path forward.

Turn Around Time Turn Around Time for our core DMPK solutions is within 7 working days without compromising on quality. This is one of the quickest in the industry

Experienced Team Our DMPK team has more than 120 years of collective experience working in Academia, Pharma Companies: National and International and Contract Research Organizations. This is helpful in employing the best global practices in addressing challenging sponsor requirements, working with big pharma, mid-sized pharma, virtual companies and academic institutions.

Project Management XLRATE™ project management platform to support integrated drug discovery programs helps in monitoring and delivering quicker DMPK data.

DMPK services offerings

  • In vitro ADME studies
  • Pharmacokinetics studies
  • Soft spot elucidation, metabolite(s) identification, structure/pathways identification, Metabolomics
  • IND filing package
  • Bioanalyses



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