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Our integrated Drug Discovery Services are designed to reduce your costs and timelines, helping you meet your drug discovery milestones. Our innovative scientists have accumulated over 200 years of discovery experience. To fully assist drug discovery, GVK BIO provides unique drug discovery services that span the entire drug discovery continuum and support both target-based and phenotypic discovery.

With well enabled capabilities in Oncology, Metabolic Disorders, Pain, Inflammation, Toxicity and Fibrosis, GVK BIO has rapidly emerged as a leading collaborator for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

In each of these therapeutic areas, GVK BIO has developed in-depth expertise in drug discovery informatics, medicinal chemistry, structural biology, in vivo and in vitro pharmacology.

We offer drug discovery services including docking molecular, drug target identification, drug discovery screening – small molecule screening, library screening, ion channel screening – fragment based drug design, ligand based drug design, ligand protein binding, protein ligand docking calculation and prediction, drug profiling, lead identification, lead compound identification and lead optimization.

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The process from initial target identification and validation, high throughput screening, hit identification and lead optimization to preclinical candidate selection cannot be considered a routine activity. Significant intellectual and innovative input is required from experienced scientists across a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to discover a quality drug candidate. Our client-focused, collaborative approach creates true partnerships that anticipate challenges, overcome obstacles and move us forward together on the journey of getting new drugs to market.

With numerous technologies for hit identification, coupled with our knowledge-based approach to advance compounds from hit-to-lead into lead optimization, our integrated research teams consistently convert leads into successful preclinical development candidates.

GVK BIO has over a 15 years of drug discovery experience for novel, first-in-class targets as well as fast follow-on targets, and has produced multiple assets that are in preclinical and clinical development. We provide services, both stand-alone and fully integrated, in the following areas.

Our mission is to be a reliable drug discovery research partner throughout your project.  We can accelerate your drug discovery and drug development program by integrating process development and validation, API manufacturing, and finished dose manufacturing all at a single location.

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