In Vivo Efficacy
and Safety

GVK BIO has a highly experienced team of scientists with strong domain knowledge in drug discovery in various disease models across therapeutic areas. Our scientific team’s expertise helps partners in selecting appropriate animal models of disease, as well as collaborating to design new animal models of disease to meet the customized needs of client drug discovery programs. Our team of In Vivo services scientists are well aligned with expectations from the industry regarding quality of scientific data and delivery timelines.

We offer customized in vivo pharmacology services supporting partner’s discovery needs on flexible basis: delivering standalone studies or planning and executing end to end studies. GVK BIO offers early research and proof-of-concept pharmacology studies in applicable animal models to assist efficacy evaluations. We can customize our In Vivo pharmacology models to meet clients’ unique objectives.

Our vivarium is AAALAC and OLAW accredited for ethical treatment of animals. All animal experiments at GVK BIO are conducted in accordance with the IAEC (Institutional Animal Ethics Committee) approved protocols. Experimental procedures involving animals are carried out to the highest standards of animal welfare in state-of-the-art facilities. GVK BIO’s rodent facility is also certified by OHSAS for strictly following all recommended rules for health and safety of our employees.

We follow acute, chronic, mechanistic and pharmacodynamic models to the target biology, to assess target engagement, efficacy and PK/PD correlation. Our efficacy models are validated with appropriate standard of care compounds and supported by rigorous statistical analysis.

Why partner with GVK BIO for In Vivo studies

Our uniqueness lies in the partnering approach

Research partners need to understand its partner organization’s vision. That is why our partners emphasize on working closely with our scientists to develop ‘fit-for-purpose’ study designs to meet key objectives. With emphasis on timely and quality communication, GVK BIO works with partners hand-in-hand on the path to drug discovery.

Holistic Approach

Our cohesive approach of bringing together scientific expertise from in vivo pharmacology and toxicology to your projects would help in advancing the best compounds more successfully in your drug discovery programs.

Quicker delivery

Our team understands the importance of timely deliverables of quality data to accelerate your discovery program, a coordinated approach is planned by scientific and logistic teams during procurement and execution of the projects for timely deliverables.

Quality animals

Different rodent species used for in vivo pharmacology and toxicity studies are procured from internationally reputed vendors such as Taconic Biosciences and Charles River Laboratories who have established breeding facilities locally in Hyderabad.

Wide customer base

Wide customer base We have the experience of working with and meeting the divergent needs of our client base that includes large, mid-size pharma, virtual companies, and academic labs across the globe.

Infrastructure and Expertise

  • Our team of In vivo pharmacology scientists believe in high quality, reproducible, decision-enabling data with continuous scientific engagement provided in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • AAALAC accredited and OHSAS certified animal facility
  • Animal maintenance and experiments are as per the OSHAS and IAEC guidelines
  • Physical examination and clinical symptoms of animals are taken into consideration by trained veterinarians during the entire tenure of the study
  • Animals are housed in individually ventilated caging system
  • Strong IP protection practices
  • Environmental Health and Safety is an essential part of our values system
  • Offer comprehensive list of more than 50 validated animal models in the therapeutic areas of oncology, cardiovascular& metabolic disease, fibrosis, inflammation, autoimmunity and pain management
  • Each therapeutic area is headed by an experienced PhD disease biologist
  • Bioanalytical and biomarker support for measuring PK-PD correlations
  • 3 veterinarians, 16 scientists including PhDs with 50 collective years of collective disease biology experience
  • Scientists with broad drug discovery experience from target identification/validation to IND submission
  • Extensive in-house experience of validating rodent models and providing screening support for clients
  • Compounds screened and characterized by our team have progressed to IND studies
  • Efficacy models are supported by appropriate in-house PD biomarker, clinical pathology and histopathology analysis
  • Dedicated veterinarians and pathologists to support efficacy and toxicity studies
  • FTE or FFS service models to provide best value to client

Our In vivo pharmacology capabilities include:

  • Testing numerous medicinal entities, including small molecules, large molecules and antibodies
  • Inducing disease by multiple techniques – chemical, surgical and diet
  • Dosing by commonly used administration routes – P.O, I.V, S.C and I.P
  • Daily dosing including on weekends, at no additional cost
  • Performing necropsies, histopathology, gene expression and clinical pathology
  • Executing standard or custom protocols


In Vivo Pharmacology

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A Highly Reproducible In Vivo Model for Bleomycin-Induced Lung Fibrosis in Mice to Evaluate Drugs for the Treatment of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

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