Library Synthesis

Target based focused libraries with multiple diversifications

Library support to accelerate drug discovery programs with high success rate, purity and speed.

Highly skilled scientists to design, plan and execute moderate to large size libraries.

  • Computational support for library design
  • Scaffold synthesis and monomer selection
  • Parallel screening and production platforms – 12-96 well stations, tumble stirrer, parallel photo-reactors, Microwaves with autosamplers
  • Work-up platforms – Buchi Syncore Polyvap, Nitrogen blow down, Genevac etc.
  • High throughput purification – APMS
  • Compound management support – solid and DMSO stock solution of compounds

Accelerate your discovery programs by engaging our experts in medicinal and computational chemists team

Design Support

  • Target-based
  • De Novo libraries
  • Natural product based
  • Fragment-based

Wet Chemistry Process

  • Step 1: Scaffold generation
  • Step 2: Monomer selection
  • Step 3: Validation
  • Step 4: Production
  • Step 5: Purification

Compound Management

  • Step 1: Pre-prep analysis
  • Step 2: Prep Purification
  • Step 3: Evaporation
  • Step 4: Weighing
  • Step 5: QC Plate Creation
  • Step 6: QC Analysis
  • Step 7: Reformat Duplication


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