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Subcutaneous injection of cell lines in immunocompromised mice strains results in rapid tumor growth at the site of injection. The xenograft model offers rapid screening of antitumor effect of test materials in animal models. Our experienced team has established and validated a number of models in nude and SCID mice. The team also has prior experience in developing syngeneic models. We offer customized xenograft model development to our clients. The AAALAC accredited animal facility is equipped to house immune-compromised mice in individually ventilated cage system.

Our broad range of cancer cell lines ensures a wide variety of testing alternatives for your testing agents. Our xenograft model portfolio is evaluated on a regular basis. Our scientific staff can assist in selecting the most appropriate model for your agent.

Xenograft Efficacy Models – Chronic models:

  • Human SK-o-V3 (ovarian cancer cell line) xenograft model in female NCr NU/NU mice Download Here
  • Human KM-12 (colon cancer cell line) xenograft model in female NCr NU/NU mice Download Here
  • Human A-549 xenograft model in NCr NU/NU mice: effect of paclitaxel  Download Here
  • Human MDA-MB-231 (triple negative breast cancer cell line) xenograft model in SCID-beige mice Download Here
  • Human DU-145 (prostate cancer cell line) xenograft model in male NCr NU/NU mice Download Here
  • Human U87 MG (glioblastoma) xenograft model in SCID beige mice

Syngeneic Models:

  • B16F10 (melanoma) in C57BL/6 mice
  • B16F10 lung metastasis model in C57BL/6 mice
  • 4T1 (metastatic breast cancer cell line) xenograft in female BALB/c mice

Sub-chronic models:

  • Pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of various test materials in tumor bearing/non-tumor bearing mice
  • Target engagement of compound in tumor tissue and PK-PD correlation
  • MTD studies in immunocompromised mice

PK and toxicology studies using tumor bearing nude and SCID mice are also offered to test bioavailability and safety of new chemical entities/large molecules. We can measure plasma and tumor compound levels to establish a PK-PD correlation with test compounds.


In Vivo Pharmacology

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