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Preformulation Development

Adding value through developability assessment of preclinical candidates resulting in successful identification of right candidate for clinic and to achieve speed to clinic

Expertise in providing solutions and guiding the preclinical candidates from candidate selection to GLP Tox with small quantities of drug substance (DS) or candidate molecule. Our pre-formulation group have extensive experience in NE formulation development to develop successful pathways for achieving GLP Tox and IND milestones. Strong scientific expertise in development of enabling formulation technologies for different routes of administration for bioavailability enhancement or modifying release profiles. Highly experienced team to select ideal physical form through crystallization, salt screening and particle engineering techniques to modify molecule solid state properties and enable developability. Strong project management and expertise to work in cross functional teams to enable compound progress

Our pre-formulation solutions encompass working with discovery research teams to predict and assess the developability of new chemical entities (NCEs) and enable them for development with small quantities of drug, shorter timelines and lower cost to achieve faster to clinic milestones.

We offer pre-formulation services in the following areas:

  • Compound profiling - solid state, solubility and stability
  • Crystallization development
  • Salt selection
  • Co-crystal selection
  • Polymorph selection
  • Preclinical formulation development
    • Conventional – solution, suspension and semisolid formulations
  • Enabling formulation development
    • Solid dispersion
    • Microemulsion
    • Nanosuspension
    • Liposomes
    • Microparticles
    • In-situ gels


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Developability Assessment of Small Molecules

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