Project Management

XLRATETM - GVK BIO’s proprietary project management platform to track accelerated progress of project delivery for clients across the globe.

GVK BIO has a strong project management framework comprising of domain experts with rich experience. This model ensures seamless collaboration and control of scientific and non-scientific functions between GVK BIO and its partners. Our focus areas for efficiency lies in compound management, internal movement, biology assay tracking, data analytics, shipping to clients along with managing turnaround time (TAT), ensuring rapid assay cycle times to take timely decisions.

Data insights, performance metrics and logistics support is a great value addition to the core services provided in all collaborations. The various proprietary tools available for capturing various data points are:

  • Project Health Tool: Captures productivity of synthesis team
  • e-PD Tool: Captures procurement time for raw materials and dispatch time for finished goods
  • e-Sample Tool: Captures cycle time for each analysis
  • Biology Tracker: Captures timeline for each activity ensuring appropriate utilization of resources for Medchem / Integrated Drug Discovery programs