Reagent Generation

Standalone solution integrated with assay development and screening

A valuable partner to depend on from gene to protein studies, GVK BIO provides customized reagent generation solutions as recombinant proteins expressed in various expression hosts.

  • Established track record of delivering over 60 active recombinant proteins of highest purity with customized support towards characterization by various biochemical and biophysical techniques
  • Experience in generating approximately 50 cell lines
  • Seamless integration of cell culture, purification, product analysis, and characterization ensuring delivery of a complete package of purified products along with associated biochemical and analytical data
  • Extensive expertise across all purification strategies throughout the program in achieving highly purified active proteins employing the ÄKTA explorer platform
  • Challenging genetic manipulation to protein expression in an aggressive timeframe
  • High throughput recombinant protein expression and purification platforms for optimized target yield and purity
  • Characterization and validation of proteins by analytical SEC, IEX, RP, Western, ELISA, BIAcore, FACS, IEF, 2D and glycan analysis by HPLC
  • Culturing capacities up to 20 liters using shake flasks, wave bioreactors and bioreactors
  • A well-established, dedicated BSL2 lab facility for handling lentiviral and adenoviral based expression systems

Reagent generation solutions:

Molecular Biology Solutions

  • Customized expression construct generation using an array of gene synthesis and manipulation tools
  • Extensive experience in generation of expression variants by site directed mutagenesis as well as in design and construction of fusion proteins
  • Construction of cDNA libraries
  • Plasmid DNA preparations from mini to giga scale in low to high throughput formats

Protein Expression Solutions

  • In-depth experience in recombinant protein expression in expression hosts such as E. coli, as well as in insect and various mammalian cell lines
  • Immense expertise towards the expression of a diverse array of recombinant soluble (cytosolic and secretory) proteins, membrane proteins as well as refolding proteins to their active conformation from bacterial inclusion bodies. Proficiency in baculovirus, adenoviral and lentiviral expression systems
  • Expression of multiprotein complexes using a dual promoter or bi-cistronic approach (2A peptides/IRES) and other co-expression strategies
  • Handling of culture volumes up to 20 liters

Protein Purification Solutions

We offer extensive expertise across all purification techniques using the ÄKTA Explorer platform.

  • Extraction and clarification of large culture volumes for intracellular and secretory proteins
  • Expertise in purification of proteins with all-encompassing purification resin chemistries and strategies
  • Processing capacity of 50 liters of culture volume
  • Protein purification strategies focused on purity, yield and recovery
  • Endotoxin clearance procedures ensuring minimal EU/mL in deliverables
  • Functionally validated and well characterized proteins in customized buffers

Cell Line Generation

GVK BIO has well-established mammalian cell culture labs with up-to-date infrastructure supporting small to large scale culture preparations using cell factories.

  • Vast experience in expressing drug targets in mammalian systems, including validation of more than 30 GPCRs, various ion channels and transporters
  • Capability of performing transient and stable cell line generation
  • Expertise in protein expression in HEK293, AD293, CHO and custom cell lines
  • Stably expressed more than 40 functionally active target proteins
  • Functional characterization of generated cell lines using various assay platforms


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