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Safety Toxicology Studies

GVK BIO performs general toxicology studies for the safety evaluation of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, agrochemical and consumer products. Through our toxicology studies, we help our clients characterize the potential extent of injury that an NCE/ biologic could produce at varied dosages and predict the consequences of such injury to understand the risk / benefit equation of the drug candidate in terms of toxicity and efficacy. We have the ability to conduct non-GLP toxicology studies catering to customer needs.

GVK BIO has an extensive track record in the design, performance and interpretation of pre-clinical investigative, mechanistic and exploratory/discovery toxicology programs. We offer a range of exploratory in vitro and in vivo preclinical safety and toxicity services. All our studies are conducted with IAEC approved protocols under the supervision of trained veterinarians/pathologist. Toxicology studies are supported by in house histopathology and clinical pathology.

Safety and toxicology evaluation

CNS safety

  • Tail suspension testing in mice
  • Spontaneous locomotor activity measurement in rats
  • Rotorod testing in rats and mice

Exploratory toxicity studies in rodents

  • Acute toxicity/maximum tolerated dose (MTD)
  • Repeat dose 7-90 days toxicity studies
  • Toxicokinetic studies (TK)
  • In house histopathology and clinical pathology

Choosing a lead compound from the pool of candidates does not need to be so time consuming or expensive. Whether you are in the exploratory candidate selection stage in pharmaceuticals or agrochemicals, efficient use of exploratory testing services can be your simple answer to a challenging decision. GVK BIO’s scientific team has extensive experience in this regard.


In Vivo Pharmacology

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