Supplier Communication on COVID-19

16th March, 2020

Dear Partner,

First and foremost, I wanted to wish you, your organization, and your families, the best and good health as we work through this health crisis of Pandemic Covid-19. GVK BIO has a core value of “Safety and Compliance Always” and through this challenging times, We at GVK BIO have implemented series of measures in line with Government of India & WHO Guidelines to ensure our employees and other stakeholders across all our locations are safe. One of the significant action taken at GVK BIO from our external stakeholders & Partners perspective is avoiding any personal meetings within the premises and all our interactions will be encouraged through virtual meeting mediums such as Tele-conference, Bridge meetings etc. We request your support in having virtual meetings with GVK BIO members and avoid any of your planned travel to any of our sites for meetings till further notice. All your staff members entering GVK BIO premises for execution of assigned projects will have to support on necessary measures implemented at respective sites and any non-adherence will be dealt strictly.

We will continue to monitor and upgrade our efforts to ensure that there are minimum disruptions & avoiding adverse impact to all our stakeholders.

Considering you as our critical and strategic partners and in interest of Business continuity, we would also like to know from you on actions taken at your end especially related to your business continuity Plans, Open Order/Projects tracking, Your supply chain risk assessment & Employees related actions.

We expect proactive feedback from you on potential impact you foresee due to this situation so that we also consider it into our planning and commitments to our Customers.

In this moment of crisis it is important that we are proactive in taking preventive measures and mitigate risk through collaborations as well as proactive communications. I look forward to have your response on your actions and assure you of Best possible support from GVK BIO. In the meantime, please feel to reach out to your primary point of contacts at GVK BIO or you can also write to for specific clarifications.

We thank you for your trust and confidence in GVK BIO, and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Best Regards
Paresh Gupta
Chief Financial Officer – GVK BIO
Safety & Compliance Always