Synthetic Chemistry

Highly talented and skilled team of scientists with diverse and domain specific knowledge of chemistry to support highly exploratory and complex synthesis. Rich scientific experience to accelerate medicinal chemistry program – Target to Hit, Hit to lead and Lead optimization. Dedicated facility to support synthesis from gm to kg scale.

Since 2001, our scientists have consistently delivered high quality and value-added chemistry solutions for life sciences, agro and material industry.

  • One of the largest chemistry scientific pool in India with more than 1000 chemists and 200 PhD professionals with post doc and industrial experience
  • Long term (15+ years) discovery collaboration with customers
  • More than 30,000 compounds being synthesized at different scales in a year
  • Largest numbers of NMR and SFC instruments/ capabilities in India
  • Catalyst screening capabilities
  • XLRATETM project management platform to support drug discovery programs
  • Synthesis (500 g to Kg scale) and reactors from 1 L to 250 L capacity for medicinal chemistry programs

To accelerate the R&D activities of our clients with value added scientific solutions with speed and quality.

Scientific expertise in following domains:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Chiral synthesis
  • Natural products
  • Nucleosides / Nucleotides chemistry
  • Organo boron chemistry
  • Organo-metallic chemistry
  • Chemo-enzymatic synthesis
  • Fluorine chemistry
  • Photo-redox and photo-flow chemistry
  • Macromolecules/Biomolecules
  • Library synthesis
  • Peptide chemistry


Discovery Chemistry Solutions

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Flow Chemistry vs. Batch Processes

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