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We offer a broad suite of reliable toxicity testing solutions to enable go/no-go pipeline decisions

  • Modern toxicity testing technology
  • Large scale operations with high throughput equipment
  • Reduce cost and testing time
  • More robust mechanistic data
  • Decisions on human relevant dose levels
  • Validated testing protocols

Our in Vitro toxicity solutions

Multi-parametric cytotoxicity

  • IC50 determination
  • Cell loss/death (fluorescent imaging)
  • Nuclear size and morphology (fluorescent imaging)
  • Cell membrane permeability (fluorescent imaging)

Note: About 50 different cell lines of human origin are available for cytotoxicity testing

Genetic toxicity testing

  • AMES MPF assay uses Xenometrix AG - ANIARA microplate kit method (OECD 471)
  • In Vitro micronucleus assay using CHO, CHL, A549 cell lines and human PBMCs including cytotoxicity assessment on HCS platform (OECD487)
  • In Vitro hromosomal aberration assay using CHO cell line and human PBMCs including cytotoxicity assessment (OECD 473)
  • Mammalian cell gene mutation assay: MLA (L5178YTK+/- cell line) and HPRT (CHO-K1 cell line) mutations (OECD 490/476
  • In Vitro comet assay using PBMC, CHO, CHL test systems on HCS platform
  • H2AX double strand DNA damage response assay using A549, HepG2 and BEAS-2B cell lines on HCS platform

Dermal Toxicity

  • In vitro irritation using 3D reconstructed human epidermis models (OECD 439)
  • In vitro Skin corrosion using 3D reconstructed human epidermis models (OECD 431)
  • Phototoxicity assay using Balb/C 3T3 cells
  • Skin sensitization assay using KeratinoSens cell line (OECD 442D)
  • Skin sensitization by directing peptide reactivity assay (OECD 442C)

Ocular Toxicity

  • Short term exposure assay using corneal epithelial cells (Statens Seruminstitut Rabbit Cornea SIRC cell line) (OECD 491)
  • Epi-ocular eye irritation assay using 3D reconstructed human corneal epithelium tissue model (OECD 492)

Hepatotoxicity Panel

  • Using HepG2, HUH7, Hep3B cell lines and human iPSC HepRG spheroid cultures
  • Drug induced phospholipidosis and steatosis
  • Lysosomal trapping (lysosomotropism)
  • Cholestasis
  • Mitochondrial permeability transition


  • hERG safety screening – Using Invitrogen's Predictor™ hERG fluorescence polarization assay kit
  • 3D microtissue based cardiotoxicity assay using human iPSC –CM (cardiomyocytes) spheroid Cultures

Mitochondrial Toxicity

  • Mitochondrial (Glu/Gal) assay: In Glucose and Galactose supplemented media
  • Mitochondrial membrane potential and cytochrome release


  • Developmental neurotoxicity
  • Neurite outgrowth
  • Synaptogenesis assay

Endocrine Disruption Screening

  • Estrogen receptor and androgen receptor binding assays - Using polar screen, Human full-length ER (Alpha/Beta) competitor assay and polar green rat androgen receptor competitor assay
  • Fluorescence polarization assay kits using ligand binding assays for ER and AR from rat membrane preparations (OPPTS/OCSPP 890.1250, OPPTS/OCSPP 890.1150)
  • Steroidogenesis assay using H295R cell line with testosterone parameter assay kit and estradiol parameter assay kit (R&D systems) (OECD 456)
  • Aromatase assay: (OPPTS/OCSPP 890.1200)

Toxicogenomic profiling

Toxicological gene regulation studies through relative and quantitative expression of metabolic and toxicological pathway regulatory biomarkers using RT-PCR and NGS platforms

Exploratory Toxicology

  • Single dose 14-day acute toxicity study in rodents
  • Repeat dose 28-day acute toxicity study in rodents

Platforms used for toxicity testing

  • High content imaging i.e. thermo scientific cell insight CX7 platform
  • Multimode reader - Perkin Elmer envision 2104 platform
  • Flow cytometry - BD FACS verse platform
  • Agilent platform for HPLC
  • RT PCR - Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 6Flex platform
  • Next Gen Sequencing - Illumina platform

Technologies used for toxicity testing

  • Primary cell culture technology
  • PSC - pluripotent stem cell technology
  • 3D microtissue culture technology



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